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Women Health

The women empowerment cell is dedicated to the goal of promoting overall health and mental, physical, social well being of women and girls throughout the campus. Women and girls face distinct challenges and problems in day to day life and continue to experience inferior control over their health issues due to various socio-economical, personal, professional and environmental factors.The women empowerment cell nurtures women for better health by educating them and providing a network of assistance, workshops and counselling to strengthen their female values such as creativity, empathy, emotional skills, mutual connection and economic status.

Self Defense

In so many different facets of life, women are victimized, and unfortunately, it is difficult for them to build a sense of security everywhere. Women may have to deal with a sense of insecurity wherever they go in their everyday experiences.

No matter what women do, we often hear of them being in harm’s way. Well, it’s high time for every woman to brace herself through self-defence. Not only will this build the courage to defend themselves physically, but also the self-confidence to support themselves emotionally, verbally and in every other aspect of their lives.

Just one thing for the women to understand - “Everything depends upon your perspective of seeing yourself.”
Women aren’t weak. They are such powerful beings, and it is unfair to be the victims. Women should develop the attitude to feel powerful and super strong from within and achieve anything they set their minds to. One step towards learning self-defence can let women claim the universe.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Access to basic sanitation and good hygiene is a human right.
Right now, nearly two billion people live without access to basic sanitation and another 800 million people lack basic access to safe water.
For women and girls, these challenges are disproportionately difficult, making it a significant hurdle for women in the world today. Safe water, sanitation, and hygiene go hand in hand, and one cannot be fully realized without the other and they are the most building blocks for empowering women everywhere.
Poor sanitation has significant impacts on the safety, well-being, and educational prospects of women. Girls’ lack of access to a clean, safe toilet, especially during menstruation, perpetuates risk, shame and fear. With the considerable impact of unhygienic sanitation facilities on health, lack of facilities in the workplace can have an impact on absenteeism, affecting livelihoods, productivity levels and ultimately the economy.
Reduced time, health, and care-giving burdens from improved water and sanitation services give women more time for productive endeavors, education, empowerment activities and leisure.


One of the prime focus of Women Empowerment Cell will beliteracy, as the cell believes it is education that has played a crucial role in empowering women over centuries. It is every woman’s right to be educated and understand issues and be self-reliant to solve them. WEC will aid women on campus by educating them on new technology, software, legal issues, health, safety etc., through various workshops, events and meetups. The cell will reach out to female students and staff who are enthusiastic about learning and provide them with all the facilities needed.

Women Entrepreneurship

“Women entrepreneurs are those women who innovate, initiate or adopt a business activity”.- Schumpeter

The status of women entrepreneurs is essential for economic growth. Women now engage not only in their respective fields, but also in professions including trade, manufacturing and engineering. In order to meet changes in trends, challenges global markets and be sufficiently competent to retain and aspire for excellence in the entrepreneurial arena. Women entrepreneurship must be properly moulded with entrepreneurial traits and abilities. The motivational factor behind this desire is a sense of independent decision-making towards their careers and lives. Women are progressing day by day in this digital era and transforming themselves from job-seekers to job creators. Hence, women entrepreneurs viewed as an effective strategy to eliminate both rural and urban problems.

Legal Awareness

The Latin phrase: “ignorantia juris non excusat” which is applied universally provides that ignorance of law is not excusable. This principle is applied to illiterates as well.
Knowledge of laws/ remedies of one’s country enable a personto stand for herself and fight against injustice in the society and to impart practical knowledge about the basic legal rights and remedies provided under various women related laws, thereby making them fit to face the challenges in real life situations. Moreover, knowledge of Legal Awareness is not only crucial for balanced development of young minds it will also help students information of correct values, self-discipline and national spirit.

Recognizing the need to impart legal awareness to women and girls, regarding their right:
  1. By conducting Seminars
    • Inviting Legal Field Experts for Creating Legal Awareness within our GITAM Campus
  2. Creating Literature in Local Language for Class-IV Working Women.
  3. Create CounselingCentres within Campus for Women Staff, Students and Faculty.
  4. Encouraging Women Artisans among the GITAM Campus working women.