Women Empowerment Cell

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The functions of the constituted Committee of the Women Empowerment Cell are as stated below:

  1. Organise workshops, seminars, interaction programmes on health, safety, literacy, entrepreneurship, and legal rights for women on campus.
  2. Create awareness among men and women to sustain gender equity.
  3. Encourage study/research projects, and discussion forums to de bunk gender stereotypes.
  4. Formulate public awareness campaigns as part of Community Outreach Programmes.
  5. Consider such other matters as may deem fit to the Committee and the University administration.

In this regard, each committee member plays a crucial role in achieving the Women Empowerment Cell's Vision and Mission. Since the members hail from Sciences, Management, Law, Engineering, and Humanities, it is a perfect collage that offers individual expertise to accomplish the functions of the Cell.